"One of the virtues of Rodgers' writing is its tautness and brevity. He has a knack for melodies that stick to your ribs, married to deeply considered, deeply felt lyrics". -Metro Pulse, Knoxville, TN

After a decade of touring and sharing the stage with notable artists such as, John Mayer, Shawn Mullins, and Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush (aka, Sugarland), Knoxville based singer songwriter, Kit Rodgers, chose to step back and redirect his life and career. While shouldering the responsibilities of raising a family and obtaining a law degree, he also took some time to broaden his musical path. 

Today, you can find Kit Rodgers performing in select venues across East Tennessee and the Southeast. He also served as front man for the alternative rock band, Brimstone Treehouse, and released two albums with the group.  He now fronts rock band Model Inmates and regularly rocks venues all across the region.  After spending years fronting different bands and writing songs in several different genres, Kit has decided to return to his roots.  "There is a certain power to being the only person on stage, responsible for all of the sound.  There is also catharsis in the interaction with the audience.  The loneliness on the stage in some ways forces that intimate interaction.  I miss that!"  

No matter what the style, the delivery is the same. The lyrics matter and you will find yourself humming the melodies long after leaving the show. With songs and recordings spanning nearly two decades and several genres, Kit has a cross generational appeal and presence on stage that pulls the listener in and gives each performance an intimate feel.