Naked Coffee

First Solo Album.  Recorded over several sessions in 1999 in the extra room of my first band's bass player's house.  Released in 2000.  Every sound made on this recording was made by me.  

Some Peculiar Potion

My Second Solo Album.  A more full production on this one.  Recorded at AMG in Knoxville in 2000.  It was released in 2001.

Brimstone Treehouse

After meeting Brandon Cottongim (Bass) and Dustin West (Drums), we formed Brimstone Treehouse.  Still playing my songs, but with a different edge. I love these guys.  RIP Dustin West.

Brimstone Treehouse Throwing Shadows

Our second studio recording as a band.  We did this in just a couple of days of recording at Rock Snob Records in Knoxville.  RIP Dustin West

Model Inmates

After Dustin West passed away.  Brandon and I took some time off.  We hooked up with our long time friend Danny Carter (Drums) and formed Model Inmates.  Definitely harder edged Rock, but still my songs.  Recorded over a few days at our friend Donald Lyle's house in Knoxville.  5 song EP.